15 years have already passed since the recording of “Molène”, in the church of Molène island. 15 years of meetings, travels, happiness and misfortunes. I think of Armel, Robert , Michel, my father, and many others.

In February 2012, I travel to the island with a friend of mine. As he discovers my piano in my studio, he suggests me to reiterate the experience. The idea is gaining ground, but this was not to do a second “Molène”

“Daring in arts implies doing something again differently” ( Merleau-Ponty )

So I present you a travel through time, Europe and seasons in this new opus. I have chosen preludes, a truly free-form musical style, which refer to Bach, Chopin, Scriabine , Shostakovitch.

The album is designed in 3 seasons and 24 colours

IMPRESSIONS § IMPROVISATIONS § CONVERSATIONS in tribute to Kandinsky and to my master Bill Evans.

Season I
7 impressions recorded at home, in Porz Gwenn on my Steinway model B piano.

Season II
11 improvisations recorded as time went by and over my peregrinations, often in public (Germany, Switzerland, Brittany…) and with different pianos.
I use musical paraphrase a lot to improvise on traditional themes or personal compositions.

Season III (for my Molène friends)
6 conversations with myself recorded in Molène in August 2012 on my Bluthner ¾ piano. This piano has a history: it dates from 1905 and has a special feature: for each high-key, it has a fourth unstruck string that creates a sympathetic resonance. Of course, given its age and its personality, its almost baroque tone has nothing to do with the tone of modern pianos.
For the anecdote, the same model was used for the recording of “Let it Be” by the Beatles in London in 1969.

Have a good trip!


Molène, documentaire, juin 2012

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