I will try in only a few sentences to sum up my projects for 2012-2013. First of all, together with the creation of this website, I set up a label called “Didier production”. The first achievement is a private gift that is not available on sale.


Writing of an autobiographical book:
I started collecting my autobiographical memories 5 years ago, after the death of my elder son Armel. A year ago, a journalist for Le Télégramme, Frédéric Jambon, offered me to write a book in the form of conversations. We are currently working on its writing.

“Cordes et lames” CD release
A duet with Alain Trévarin. Recorded in Porz Gwenn on 20, 21, 22 August 2012. For sale on this web site. More information

 Recording of « Molène 2 »
15 years after the recording of my first solo album in Molène which allowed me to go around the world, I felt like reiterating the adventure. More information

 Creation of a third symphony, the Ponant symphony.

Closing of Nantes Philarmonie season. More information

As a bonus and to relax a little, here is a video broadcast on the first Japanese channel at a peak viewing time: