I will here recommend you some websites

I would like first to thank Ronan Le Pape, a fan right from the outset, who has been following me for years. His website is excellent. You will find there additional information (

Avec Gilles à Tokyo Avec Gilles à DouarnenezFor all those who would like to get some CDs, DVDs, scores… Gilles Lozac’hmeur’s website is the most appropriate, as he’s been directing most of my work for 20 years. (


A Tokyo avec Jean-Guy Le Floc'hOne for Jean Guy who has been following me for 15 years and has supported all my projects. He offered Molène ‘s inhabitants a firework display in 2000, we travelled together to China, Japan… Thank you Jean-Guy for your contribution to Breton culture. (


Jacques AbalainJacques Abalain et Diogène have also been my partners for all these years. I have known Jacques since we were in secondary school. Our paths crossed several times (“L’héritage des Celtes”, chapel tour with Ménéham…). The Diogène team is notably in charge of MESK and the trio Lann Huel, Le Lann, Squiban  (

A Montréal avec Gaby et JoséGaby Aubert has been working with me for more than 20 years together with Manu Lann Huel and Alain Trévarin. He’s been running Radio Rennes since it was created and was in charge of the first chapel tours (  Gaby is currently in charge of my duet with Alain Trévarin.


Maurice au boulotMy friend Maurice Valat has always been my faithful consort. He is part of all my projects (website in the pipeline). Momo is THE Breton piano specialist (tuning, rental, sale…). Contact: Pianos Valat, Morlaix (

Je pense aussi à 2 peintres de talent :  Yvon Daniel de Plougastel (site web en préparation) et mon ami de Faculté Jean-Charles Brune. A découvrir sans modération.

SebLa plupart des photos (et en particulier les professionnelles) sont l’œuvre de Sébastien Hervé. Il est aussi le concepteur graphique de MESK et de CORDES § LAMES. Ses talents sont multiples :  guitariste de Sheer K (, chanteur, auteur et  compositeur ).  Entre nous, on l’appelle LE GENIE … ( )

I am also thinking of 2 other talented painters: Yvon Daniel from Plougastel (website in the pipeline) and my friend from college Jean-Charles Brune. To be discovered without restraint.

Michel ThersiquelAnd how, when talking about photographers, not have a thought for the late Michel Thersiquel, Thersi as his friend Xavier Graal used to call him. We worked together with Oz Production for about fifteen years. Michel realized most of my album covers and booklets, reflecting his vision of Brittany.

Maurice et José, la vie d'artisteThanks as well to the whole Siwa team ( for their talent and professionalism, and especially to José Nédélec whom I have been working with from the start.
I would also like to thank the Brestois photographer Dominique Leroux ( to whom I owe some excellent series of photos.

For all the music lovers (especially music from Brittany), here is the link of our privileged distributor ( )



Erwann MassonCécile, Robert et JackieAu studio à Molène, avec Pauline, Erwann, Jean-Phil et GregBob le taxi

If you go to Molène island, which is a very brave and rash thing to do, say hello to the Masson family for me: Cécile and Robert, Erwann, Yannick et all the molènais (Fred, Jean Phil and  Liliane,  Robert the taxi, the Archipel, François Cuillandre, who allowed me to fulfill so many of my dreams thanks to their welcome and friendship.


Le bar du Kastell

Let me advise you two websites in particular:  and


Back on the continent, go and have a drink on my bill at the MOLE at Milo’s in Lampaul-Plouarzel. He offered me the painting of my studio in Molène

Avec Alain

A small detour via Ploudal, my home village, is imperative. Follow the tourist route (from Argenton to Kersaint) to pay a visit to the PMU “La Tocade” run by my brother Alain, who has just become a grandfather. Then go and buy a CD at l’Espace culturel Leclerc, run by Rémi Jestin ( It is the nicest supermarket in Léon, there is even an escalator…


Martine et PierrotAvec Gérard Pont et Charles Muzy

Passing through Brest, you need to stop over at the commercial port to eat at Le Crabe Marteau ( run by Martine and Pierrot. No comment, it’s a unique experience. Then make a small detour to Dialogues bookshop ( before visiting our national monument, the VAUBAN cabaret. I could tell you loads of stories about Charles Muzy, but I’d rather advise you to read the book will come out in October about this mythic place .  In the meantime, you can visit :

Jakez et sa bande

Passing through Châteaulin or on the road running Brest to Quimper, stop over at Jakez’s. It will do you a world of good. (



If you get to Rennes, Jean-Marie will welcome you with all his skills at “L’Homme qui marche”, 16 rue Victor Hugo, before you go and listen to the Brittany Orchestra ( If you are lucky and if you can get a ticket,  listen and see Jean-Louis le Valegant’s  “confidences sonores” (loud confidences) (


Avec Alan SimonPascal Squiban

And if you go further south, you may have the chance to attend a concert. The town of Nantes is full of talented musicians and there is something for every taste: Alan Simon’s rock opera (, world music (, wind band (, jazz with avec G. Tamisier,  Popof,  Chevalier, Pierrick Menuau,  Simon Mary,  Yannick Neveu, Dominique le Voadec,  Pascal Vandenbulcke…   Otherwise, you can call on my brother Pascal in Saint Heblain to drink a glass of pastis.

See you soon


Thanks to Leslie Maussion, Frédéric Jambon, Anne Millour,  Gregory Pogam, Pauline and Sylvain Boutet, Antoinette Keraudren, Sylvain Garrofé ( in Porz Gwenn  Plougastel), Bernez Boulc’h, Claude BriantChristophe Miossec,  Hubert Jégou my faithful consort, Nolwenn Leroy,  Stéphane Eicher, Thierry Bréhu, Louis Bertholome,  Olivier Cauchon, Gérard Pont, Yves le Parc, Yvon Fraval,  Piermaria,  Olivier Bourbeillon, Cédric Huet,  Christian Zbilut, Geoffroy Tamisier, Liliane Pauc, Olivier Cauchon, Frédéric Oster, Yann Queffelec, Guy Abgrall, Muriel Margueron, Catherine Sabbe, Cécile Kerihuel, Cécile Vandenbulcke, Xavier Leclerc, Yann Autret, Jacques Pellen, Patrick Stanislawski, Fanny for her artistic relevance, Patrick Lozach, Pierre Moal, Patrick Roudaut,the whole team of Océanopolis (Eric Hussenot, Jacques Sévellec, Phillipe Coyault…), TV Rennes, France 3 Ouest … and all my family..

Avec Maurice Valat

La traversée du tableau de Milo